Still issues since with new POS

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Since using the new POS I have had various issues and have contacted support and sent various reports and still nothing has changed, in fact things have got worse.  I'm in the UK if it makes a difference.  The current major problems are where my card reader and barcode scanner suddenly stop working at different times.  I always make sure I am up to date with POS app and iPad, hoping an update may resolve these problems.  Its a busy time and I have lost customers because of it.  Tried various things, but it seems I have to turn everything off and back on again to get it working, difficult when there's a queue of customers.  I have noticed on occasions when I do something like 'save a cart' that the scanner stops working.  Or if pressed the tick for Contactless payment on the card machine and then they want to put card in, so have to cancel payment and press checkout again, this seems to also stop the card machine working.  The last few days the reader says processing and then couldn't process and then when I try to the start process again the payment message keeps flicking off card machine.  These are the times I've noticed a pattern, but not sure if its also other reasons, for example because people are using contactless a lot more I am getting a high number of times when it wants the user to put their pin in to stop fraud, thought it was there card problem, but maybe not and this process is a problem in the App.

Another problem I am having is the Search in Orders which no longer works properly and I often can't find various orders with product search words, it just brings up old orders in 2017!  A real problem when trying to give do an exchange/refund and can't find the order.  Had to do one a couple on laptop but then couldn't print receipt.

Lastly for some reason AmEx doesn't on occasion doesn't work and it comes up 'card brand not supported'.  A customer thought it may be an ApplePay problem, but haven't worked out if its just with them yet, any ideas?

I'm convinced its all the new POS App issues as it all worked fine before I started using it and its not just one piece of equipment that isn't working properly.  Hoping someone can help please.