Stolen Money

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I’m not sure who or how my money is being taken out of my bank account but I have been charged a Return Item Fee for ONE retuned item, ONE refund, FIVE times. The same item. Five fee charges for the same amount. And I know it is only the one item because I only had one sale. I bought an item to see how long it would take to ship. After two months and no delivery I refunded myself. And now I have almost 200 dollars in returned item fees. No one at the store overseas has any knowledge of this fee that keeps occurring and Shopify has no way for me to contact them about this. 

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Hi @DissatisfiedGuy 

That sounds like a restocking fee from a dropship supplier. Not sure who you spoke to at the supplier but I'm willing to bet that is where it is originating from.

Any charges coming from Shopify you would be able to see if you go into your Settings -> Billing in your admin.

What dropship supplier are you using?

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Dispute the charges with your bank/credit card company.