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Keep us updated. I've also installed the code. We should make a group post about it in various ecom groups. We can't stop all spying, but this is systemized spying in a way that could seriously mess with out pixels and competitive advantage.

I'm glad I'm not the only one this was happening too but now I'm upset I've let this go on for a few weeks now. I saw what it was and just shrugged my shoulders. But I should have been paying attention. I've added the code snippet and also sent the email. So fingers crossed it all works.
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So it seems like the email didn't work for me. Sent it yesterday and still see alot of traffic from their site today :(


I've added the code now to my liquid theme. Keeping my finders crossed that it works 

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So my htaccess didn’t work as well. Trying the code now too.
The code hasn't worked because just like every other day, right at 8 AM EST there are 10-13 visits. No response to my email yet.
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Do you know where the visits come from? Then we could just do a geo block?
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UPDATE  Nov 27th @ 10am Est.


Hello ALL


So disappointing to here that you guys are having the issue with pexgle. This is the Holiday Season and companies like Pexgle are scavenging sites for product recommendation and profit.


One thing I forgot to mention when emailing Pexgle or any other similar company is to ALSO and include and ONCE not each time they hit your site. Keep track of the support ticket as record, and when corresponding do so inline of that ticket and message. You may also want to find out who is hosting the domain(s) and locate the hosting site's Report Abuse email and include that email address in your email as well. 


See image below for example.


Pexgle issues.png


Another resolution I have tried that has recently worked for me with other sites is reporting to Google Webmasters You need to have and be signed into your Google account to be able to execute this action. There is also a productive Extension that does this very quickly.


This has worked for me when I get random sites directing to my website.  I copy the site, paste it in Google and do a search in the manner like; [what is] to find out what the site is about.


Usually it is a redirect that leads to another site that is not very well put together; no contact information, offering a service that is similar to pexgle, or an actual fraud site.  Reporting to Google is 9x's out of 10 effective. 


Here is also another inquisitive email template you are more than welcome to use. I also included the previous template I posted to add as a closing



To Whom This may concern


Reviewing the analytics from my website [YOUR DOMAIN] , I notice to be getting a lot of simultaneous traffic in clusters from your domain [THE COMPANY.COM]


This is quite disturbing because;


  • I do not know what information [THE COMPANY.COM] (found present in my analytics) has obtained and is using from my domain(s) [YOUR DOMAIN] and [YOUR DOMAIN]
  • I do not know how the information obtained from my domain(s) [YOUR DOMAIN] is being used by [THE COMPANY.COM] (found present in my analytics
  • [THE COMPANY.COM] (found present in my analytics) never asked for permission to used my domain(s) [YOUR DOMAIN] or [YOUR DOMAIN] for its personal or public use.
  • I never signed up for or obtained any service from [THE COMPANY.COM] (found present in my analytics)
  • I never gave [THE COMPANY.COM] (found present in my analytics) permission to use my domain(s) [YOUR DOMAIN] or [YOUR DOMAIN]
  • I never gave [THE COMPANY.COM] (found present in my analytics); permission to use any content from my domain(s) [YOUR DOMAIN] nor the admin of my domain [YOUR DOMAIN]


If someone from [THE COMPANY.COM] can explain to me: 
  1. Why is [THE COMPANY.COM] directing regular traffic to [YOUR DOMAIN] without my consent?
  2. What information has [THE COMPANY.COM] obtained from [YOUR DOMAIN] without my consent?
  3. How is [THE COMPANY.COM] obtaining information from [YOUR DOMAIN] without my consent?
  4. How is [THE COMPANY.COM] using information it's obtained from [YOUR DOMAIN] without my consent?
  5. is [THE COMPANY.COM] obtaining profit from utilizing my [YOUR DOMAIN] in any way form or fashion without my consent?


If someone from [THE COMPANY.COM] can please respond answering all the questions above; also refrain from and remove my domain(s) [YOUR DOMAIN] and [YOUR DOMAIN] from is database, offers provided, services, research, and any other in associations with [THE COMPANY.COM] it would be highly appreciated.


Kind Regards




REPOSTED: Additional information I found that was helpful.


Your local chap @Mangoman posted the code and may have more tips on the function and productivity. I haven't tried the code because I don't have any issues with pexgle any longer. 


Posted by @Mangoman
"I'd like to add a nifty little solution which you can add to the header of your site in theme.liqud "


var block = ['', '',];
for (var b = block.length; b--;) {
if (document.referrer.match(block[b]))
window.location = "";


"This will re-direct any referral traffic from Plexgle .com to ( feel free to replace Google with an offensive website of your choice ) "




@CollectableCorn posted a resolution by contacting them on their Facebook page


"Code. It worked for a day or two but then the traffic started coming back.
I messaged them on their facebook page. They replied very quickly and said
they made an excuse as to why it was happening and added my domain to their
protected list. I have had no traffic from them since."



You may also try:



One of the Shopify Gurus gave me these Resolutions to try as well.



I hope you guys are able to find a resolution for the #StoreStalkers. People will do ANYTHING to make money these days without Morals or Values but it is a problem when it happens to them. Keep standing for what is RIGHT!







UPDATE: I messaged them on Facebook and just straight up said they needed to add me to the protected list, and within a couple hours they said it was done. I haven't had any visits today, so far so good. Never did get an email back, but at least the Facebook messenger worked.
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I had the same problem, and two after was back. So we had to contact again and this time by mail / the person Maximus Brainsby Co-Founder says that now it's over. I also made a request to Shopify:


First of all, I want to take this time to acknowledge your effort in reporting this matter to us. I can definitely understand that this means a lot to you, so I'll see to it that I'll be able to help you out!

You can absolutely stop Pexgle from analyzing your site! However, this would need to go through their support team via and ask to add your domain to their protected list so your site won't get analyzed anymore! I see that you have already contacted them so it usually takes about 24 hours to take affect. Or are you saying after you sent them the notification this still happening? It may take a few days until you stop seeing them on the list of your top referrers in the analytics section.


Be careful also this site: Or I had to make the same request : please delete the domain from their database

Response : Gary Brewer <> No problemo!


For the rest I look at my stats and come back to the Forum

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I’m reading these posts and I’m confused as of who Pexgle belongs to. When I google them it claims that they belong to Shopify, so why then Shopify will help us block them if that’s their business too? Can someone please explain, my company is also being stalked almost daily.