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I'm having trouble loading my shopify store. I've tried clearing my browsing data but its still not loading. If there is anything I can do to fix it. I have not launched it yet,so the "

Password protection" page shows but when I put in my password it does not let me in the store.


heres the link:


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Hi @afri-store,

A quick question, are you trying to log into your website with the same password that you enter for the admin panel? 

The reason why I am asking is that the password protection page on your website will be different than the password you use to log into the admin portal of your website. If you go onto your admin panel and select, Online store > Preferences, then scroll down the page you will find a section labelled 'password protection' and the password to gain access to the front end of your website. You can change this password here, but I strongly advise you keep it different than the password you use to log in to the admin, because if you provide the password to someone to view your website, you will also be giving them access to the back-end of the website.