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Hello All, 


To my best knowledge I have done nothing wrong on our store, our on page SEO is pretty strong, we have alt tags on most if not all links and images, meta headers and descriptions on all pages, a number of blog posts and a few links point back to us and we have not done any dodgy link building yet bing/yahoo does not list any of our products or homepage not even if I put our full store name in...


Google is fine, we have all of our products, collections, blog pages and homepage listed with them and over the past 3 months we have gotten more pages listed and climbing up the search engine slowly, we even have a few pages on page one with them for longer keywords.


When we started back a few months ago Bing did list our pages but the past month we have had not traffic from them and when I check our URL it comes up with this.. Again we have done nothing wrong so unsure why bing/yahoo is not listing us.

Discovered but not crawled
URL cannot appear on Bing
Discovered on
The inspected URL was discovered but has not been crawled yet. To make sure the URL gets crawled and indexed faster:
  1. Ensure there is no crawl-delay in your robots.txt
  2. Inform Bing by submitting your newly added, updated and deleted URLs using Bing URL Submission API
  3. Ensure that you regularly update your sitemap and submit it to Bing.
If you think this URL should be indexed, click on Request indexing button. We will index it if we can fetch it and it adheres to Bing Webmaster guidelines

Again we have done nothing wrong so unsure why bing/yahoo is not listing us.

Any advise would be great, I have worked so hard on the on page SEO and website design side, I took my eye of the ball with the search engines.

Kind Regards

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