Store removed without warning or proper investigation!

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So, today I get an email saying my store has been removed from Shopify!   They state the reason being that I had CBD products for sale and not authorized to sell in Canada.  

First, I don't sell in Canada and in fact my store is blocked for all of Canada!  The CBD products are being fed into my store by an app that is in the Shopify store so they are products that are approved by Shopify to be sold!    

I followed all the rules on this and even though I have a Canadian registration home address I only sell in the USA on my shop.  It is clear to see all my sales are only USA sales.  

I find it very unfair and unprofessional to just remove a store without even investigating this or even communicating to the shop owner!   Now I have a dead linked store which looks very unprofessional and who knows how long it will take to get an answer back from Shopify!  

What a way to treat your customers!