Store resets itself over night and data and even p.o.s have to be added again daily

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We are in the process of migrating from Big Commerce. Some things have been a nightmare, as our variants would not all import despite the Shopify Store Importer app telling us it had imported. Worse still,  we have had to enter them all manually. After we had been entering all day we logged out (at different times) and came back the next morning to discover a huge amount of our data entered had been wiped and we had even lost our P.O.S this is despite taking hours to manually save every page and also save each page as we were adding in each variant detail. However the same thing continues to happen and we have gotten a different reason for this every time! 

Is it true that you have to develop a plan so that your computer never logs out or a way to export every detail to be uploaded again the next day?

If so how are other huge brands that use this platform able to cope with it? Surely you shouldn't be losing your point of sale every single day or having to enter in your variants, it's simply impractical? 

The main office is based in Cairns and both myself and another staff member work from home, her from Cairns as well and I'm based in Brisbane. We don't have any funky apps and honestly we would just love some actual assistance at this point in time.