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Hi Forums,

I have a legal seed business for medical marijuana patients. We're located in Illinois where marijuana is legal and seeds are legal to possess.

I was adding a new product line of seeds to our inventory called "Pistil Positive" and as soon as I added that, the store-front was shut off and we received an email that we have had our Shopify account Terminated due to a violation of the AUP

We received a warning in the past from Shopify that we could not use shopify payments on our site because of the products we sold. We removed and created a custom payment method.

Who is best to contact regarding this? The legal team has not replied, (maybe its automated?) chat and phone support has told me nothing but reply to an email we received on 1/6. see below.

We launched on 12/31/20 , Many other US seed banks are currently using shopify and have been around way longer than us. 


Original email:


Jan 6, 2021, 13:33 EST


Alexa from the Risk Operations Team at Shopify. We are writing to you in regards to your account 

We are constantly monitoring the products and types of business who are using the Shopify Payments gateway. We have found you are currently selling a product, or products, that we cannot continue supporting through this gateway. 

Specifically, your Shopify Payments account has been identified for selling cannabis/marijuana

Please note that while you will no longer be permitted to use Shopify Payments as your payment gateway, this does not affect your use of Shopify, which you can continue to use.
Rest assured your remaining payouts, for orders processed, will be sent per the normal payout schedule to the bank account on file.

While we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, you will need to select a new payment gateway in order to continue selling on Shopify. We understand that changing your payment gateway can be a major adjustment, and we are here to guide you through this process as best as we can.

For a complete list of integrated payment gateway options, please have a look here.

Changing payment gateway can be tricky to navigate and we're here to answer any questions you may have about anything in this email. We'll be your best point of contact for everything mentioned here, so we recommend replying back to this email directly. Our Guru team is great for solving more general questions you might have, but when it comes to this we'll have more context and information.

We note that all Shopify merchants are responsible for complying with Shopify’s Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy. This includes complying with all applicable laws in your jurisdiction and your customers’ jurisdiction(s).

Thank you,
Risk Analyst | Shopify