Strange issue with Brooklyn theme - qty not increasing and wrong variation getting added in cart

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Hi All,

My site is and it is built on Brooklyn theme. It has been working fine till today when we noticed this strange issue. The issue is also not replicable and happens once in a while. So when someone adds a M size of a particular product (eg., what gets added in some other size (issue is not only with M size, is happening to any variation at random). Also, when we try modifying the quantity of the item in the ajax cart, the +/- icons are not increasing/decreasing the quantity.

I am not able to replicate this everytime, but we have tried it on multiple systems/devices and it happens randomly. It is not even happening repeatedly on one device, so I cannot pin-point as browser or ISP issue.

Has anyone else faced this problem? Any pointers to solve this would be very helpful!

Thanks a lot,


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