Street name for the business?

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Wanted to try Shopify and it requires me to put in a street name for the store in -->General-->Store adress. It says " This address will appear on your invoices. "

We currently doesn't have an official address for our store because we are dropshipping everything. We do most of the work from our homes and local coffee shops. We would prefer not to put our private home adress on the invoices. Any suggestions for our little problem?

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Hey there!

My name is Aaron, I'm a guru here at Shopify!

No problem at all!  That message is to indicate that your street address will be printed on your invoices from Shopify, not printed on invoices you might send to your customers!  If you've any concerns on this, I'd recommend sending yourself an invoice from your Shopify admin once you're set up so you can see how that reflects for yourself - and the templates for any automatic notifications sent out by the Shopify system are fully customizable!  

Hope that's helped!  Please feel free to give us a call or start a live chat at any time, we're open 24/7 for your convenience and always happy to assist!


Aaron | Shopify Guru