Strip filter not working on Capture string

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I am trying to strip all empty spaces / tabs / newlines from a "Captured" string but the code below doesn't work when I use the | strip filter. If I use the 'strip_newlines' filter it removes new lines though.


Does anyone no a way to minify this html?


{%- capture styles -%}
   .sidebar li .color-swatch {
      border-radius:{% if block.settings.shape == 'swatches_square' %} 2px {% else %} 50% {% endif %};
   .stacked.label {
      line-height: {{size}}px;
{%- endcapture -%
{{ styles | strip }}
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strip removes spaces from the start and end of the string.


If you strip all the spaces from that CSS snippet, you'll break that first CSS rule.


To minify CSS, you can add your custom CSS to an Asset and name it like this: custom.scss.liquid.


When it's SCSS and liquid, Shopify will automatically minify it on the server.



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