Struggling with turning my site into a quality, online marketplace

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When I started my site a year ago I was an online store.

Recently I decided to convert my site into an online marketplace. 

I have spent countless hours looking into this topic. It would seem there is only really one app that is suitable to convert my site into an online marketplace and that is: multivendor marketplace app. I installed this but I would have liked a modern, powerful tool and it has been an average experience so far. Perhaps it could be better if I hired an expert to help 'tweak' the app for my store.

The apps shipping system is very basic  and confusing (shopify shipping settings are exactly what I was hoping my sellers would have access to or something similar), so I had to turn it off and now manually adding shipping rates for my sellers. My sellers could not work it out (never seen anything so annoying).

So shipping is one issue, there are a number of other issues within the app. They tend to add them to the next update to fix. Support is average, it is not very cheap to have this app either.

I feel like I am at a road-block with converting my marketplace. I want to build my marketplace on a strong base, something in which I am confident for my one day 1000's of sellers to use. My budget is small at the moment so perhaps I will have to have stepping stones until one day get something created for me on Shopify? Is this common, I like the idea of an app with support and updates.

I briefly looked at Sharetribe but not suitable for product based marketplaces (can't have multiple sellers at check-out etc). 

Woo-commerce seems another popular option but  I am not sure if I want to be in charge of security and like the 'safety' of shopify for my sellers although with a multivendor app I am not sure if that is safe anyway.

I have paused my site whilst I look at options.

I could get a shopify expert to tweak this app. It says it is 'editable in theme 1' so thinking they might be able to really help make it better but probably can't fix the shipping app issues, perhaps they can link the shipping part of this app to another shipping app for my sellers? 

I have heard Shopify is working on marketplace systems. This would be awesome for me but for now I feel a bit deflated. I have heard that magneto is a good option, I don't have the experience for this. You can also download some popular software but not sure about this as an option.

I like Shopify in so many ways, this is the only area I feel is letting it down and vital to the next step in my business.

Any thoughts would great. 

I am building my vegan marketplace around our 4 young children so a busy yet fun time. We got sales last year but all still very flakey as so many products were out of stock so need to sort that out. None of my sellers seemed to have the right number of stock so stock-sync was not a viable option, they will have to get better at this once I get my foundation strong. 



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I'm doing the same thing, reviewing all the apps that support marketplace, multi-vendor, and order splitting for a new commerce project.

I looked at Webkul's Multi-Vendor app first.  I'm looking at which looks promising but they don't have any documentation on how the app handles order splitting, notifications, or shipping.

I've also looked at ShipTurtle which does order splitting and a few other marketplace functions and are adding more weekly. I like them because the developer Sharad has been VERY responsive to making changes as I run across them.

I haven't a final decision on which one to go with yet.


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Hi Olivia,

Thank you for contacting us.
Hope you are doing well.

We have got the below functionality of:
* Split Cart
* Shipping
*and Notification to both operators and vendors.

We are working on the documentation part in our new UI which will be available very soon.
Is it possible for you to connect with us over a call where we can show you how these functionalities work in marketcube?

Let us know your time zone so that we can schedule a call accordingly.

Team Marketcube

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I’m working on something similar; a marketplace where I spent countless hours reading and evaluating. 
I like Shopify for safer abd security but I’m realizing everyday that maybe woocommerce or other platform might be better for a marketplace. 
mom still trying to stick with Shopify but I started to think to expand my options. 
even as simple as finding a suitable theme that can afford a marketplace features has been a tedious and expensive project. 
I’m hoping someone can help in directing which theme would be best.

also, does anyone know when Shopify will be releasing marketplace system?

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My two cents. If you're going to launch your marketplace with centralized
fulfillment and you're starting small (in products & vendors) or you're
using POD products you can get by without an app. I say this because from
a buyer perspective Shopify supports everything a buyer does on a
marketplace - Search, VIew products by Vendor or Product Category. - you
setup your collections the right way.

If you want things like a vendor dashbaord, order splitting, or to manage
vendor payments - you will definitely need a 3rd party app.

My favorites right now are and ShipTurtle which has been
building out it's marketplace functionality over the last few months. ST
also has great support - I've talked to them several times and they are
very responsive.

Hope this helps!