Stuck. Need to make a single SKU add multiples into the cart

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I have been looking through apps like crazy with no luck.


Here's what I am looking for:


  1. I sell one product which contains 4 variants. (for the sake of an example, XS, S, M, L)
  2. I have pre-built bundles that include multiples of these variants and they live as standalone SKUs.
  3. I am attempting to offer a "pre-built" standalone SKU that contains multiples of one variant. For example:
    3 Larges. 

  4. When this SKU is added to the cart, I need the cart to identify and include all 3 products individually.


Anyone else have this issue? We pre-bundle and name the bundles with unique names so I don't want them listed as an additional variant, I am not looking to have a bulky/ugly bundle widget on my PDP, and I want this bundle to appear in the collection.


We currently use the Agile bundle builder for custom, create your own bundles and it does an excellent job of adding each item by SKU inline. Simply looking for a solution for a standalone SKU that can add multiples of the same variants.

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I'm also having this issue! It's causing major problems at our fulfillment partners warehouse. Has anyone found a solution?