Subfolder vs Subdomain ???

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Hello all,


Could someone please give us clear professional advise on below questions?


1. Subfolder vs Subdomain in terms of SEO

2. Subfolder vs Subdomain in terms of Cost /SEO promotion marketing cost/


Please help us to get more deeper understanding,


Thank you,

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Probably the best response you will find comes directly from Google:

It doesn't really matter. tips, tricks & Shopify sections

Unfortunately what Google says is NOT always the best.


Sub-folders are preferred over sub-domains. Google says the two are equal, but data from tests and professional SEOs like Rand Fishkin, say sub-folders are far stronger.


SEO efforts like link building are dissipated from a sub-domain structure. If you launch into a new country, you don’t start from ground zero because of hreflang tags, but it is close to it.


Sub-folder usage would be most beneficial for stores with multiple domains that serve the same products to different regions. If WordPress could be setup in a subfolder, that would be a bonus.


Taken from my Shopify Expert SEO guide.

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