Subscribe and Save troubles.

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I have been looking for an app that can allow customers to select a subscribe button to use for regular deliveries of my products. 


The only apps that I have found need a 3rd party payment processor. So my question is, are there any apps that don't need 3rd party support to allow subscriptions or is that not possible via shopify payments? 


If there is no way to use shopify payments.  What is the best payment processor to use. 

I have seen good and bad reviews for both stripe and braintree. 

I think paypal is possible but I am unsure of how good this would be, since I, myself can get a little uncertain about a company if purchasing a product from them requires paypal.  I don't know if others feel the same way. 


(In short, are there apps that don't need 3rd party payment processors and if there are none. Which processor is the best?)



I'm surprised that no one answered this for a year! As it happens, Shopify released support for apps to run subscription plans through Shopify payments earlier this year. So, there is no longer any  need to sign-up for Braintree, Stripe or a separate PayPal service. If you want a quick setup that can have subscription plans on your store within minutes of installation check out the app that we created: Simple Subscriptions.

Good luck!


Checkout Simple Subscriptions on the app store for quick and easy subscribe and save plans and more for your stores and clients.