Subscribers are not getting their welcome email!

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If someone signs up at the bottom of my page for the newsletters, they do not receive the welcome email! How do I fix this so new subscribers get their welcome email since there is a discount in there?

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Hi @AMAE ,

Shopify does not send a confirmation e-mail unless you enable double-opt in which sends an email to the user asking them to approve the subscription. No solution here unfortunately! 

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I apologize, I am still confused!
I did the double opt-in, then submitted an email address and still nothing. 
I have a box where people can put their email in to sign up for the newsletter. 
Then in my notifications, I have an option for the "Confirmation Email" but that isn't being sent. 
How do I get that Confirmation Email to be sent? Currently anyone signing up for the newsletter isn't even getting the subscription confirmation email.