Subscription API: deliveryPolicy/billingPolicy always returns empty object {} in GraphQL

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We're implementing an app with subscription APIs. After I added SellingPlanPlanGroup like this page, I successfully added SellingPlanGroup and SellingPlan. However, GraphQL query to  SellingPlanGroup returned empty object {} as billingPolicy and deliveryPolicy like following




[{"node":{"id":"gid:\/\/shopify\/SellingPlan\/13172836","name":"Delivered every week","description":null,"billingPolicy":{},"deliveryPolicy":{},"createdAt":"2021-01-18T04:04:14Z","position":1,"pricingPolicies":[{}],"options":["1 Week(s)"]}} ... ]




 BillingPolicy/deliveryPolicy is always like {} and pricingPolicies is always like [{}].

How can I get billingPolicy/deliveryPolicy/pricingPolicies of existing Plan? Seems like only way to get SellingPlan is SellingPlanGroup.sellingPlans which returns like this.