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I'm very new to Shopify and I'm wondering whether Shopify would be an effective solution to a start up I am working on?


I understand Shopify is a great solution if you are selling products (clothing etc..) in a traditional fashion but what if you wanted to start a subscription based business. For example a customer can pay every month to receive a particular product in the post - similar I guess to the way dollar shave club or hello fresh run their business.


Our business sends a particular health related product every month with a variety of different packages. Could Shopify be used to create the sort of website? I have some basic web development experience but would like to set up something that is relatively easy and most importantly functional.


I guess the website should also allow a customer to manage their subscription. Are there any good themes, plugins or good resources that could help me on my quest? Appreciate any help! 


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Hi @howiek2020:

You can use Apps to manage subscriptions Take a look on "Bold subscriptions" and "Subscriptions by ReCharge" Apps, you can found more here: We can help you with your setup, just send us an email and we will respond ASAP.

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