Sudden Discrepancy between Google Analytics and Shopify sales

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Hi there,

At the moment we are facing a big issue with our google analytics data. Data has been tracked correctly for months / years, but all of the sudden we have huge discrepancies between Google Analytics and shopify sales data. I have attached two images for the same period of time 11th of October to the 24th of October. As you can see, Shopify analytics shows an increase in sessions for this period of time, while Google Analytics shows a decrease of almost 50%. Our revenue has increase a little bit in this period, so the data from shopify seems to be more reliable. Right now (3 nov), the discrepancy stills seems to apply, as only halve the data shows up in Google Analytics compared to Shopify. 

I have checked similar posts about this issue, but they did not discuss sudden discrepancies in the data between GA and shopify. I have also checked google tag assistant, but couldn't find any issues. I have checked whether we have GA scripts in the theme.liquid and preference page, but it only shows up in the theme.liquid. Also, we removed all our additional GA scripts, and the data still seems to be off. 

Can anybody helps on this manner? Thanks! 


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Did you ever figure out what caused it? I'm having the same issue.