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Hello all,

I currently have SunFrog and RedBubble stores which are doing alright. The SunFrog shop was helped a lot when I put together a blog, but that's not really the best way to make conversions outside of your group of friends. Is there a SunFrog and/or RedBubble equivalent I should look at using? I usually sell a lot of t-shirts and stickers. While SunFrog does have an app, they do not let you inport your existing designs which makes desining a real hassle.


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Hi there!

Kerstin here from the Shopify Guru Team :)

Redbubble and SunFrog are great platforms for selling T-Shirt designs but they currently don't have an integration with Shopify.

However, we offer many similar integrations where you can upload your designs and they are then printed and dropshipped for you. Have a look at our youtube video on How to Start an Online T-Shirt Business with Shopify.

And these are some of the available apps:

If you are also looking for a design tool to let your customers design their own shirts using your (or their own) artwork, check out:

I hope this helps. Please feel free to reach out with any other questions by replying to this thread :)

All the best,

Kerstin | Shopify Guru

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I just watched a youtube video from Sunfrog that does allow you to integrate Sunfrog with shopify.

I was thinking of doing this as well. I just got started & wanted to know your ideas about Sunfrog. It seems a way to generate income while not having to spend hours on your designs. 

What has been your experience?