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I built my website a week ago but my conversion rate is super super low till now (like 0,5%)

Any advice would be appreciated to help me increasing my sales numbers. We are currently advertising on google and our CTR is way higher than average. The bounce rate (we linked the ads to the collection page) is higher than average too (which is not good :) )

Thanks a lot in advance!


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Hey Vincent! It takes time man, and constantly chipping away to get rid of the unnecessary and add in the magic (compelling content) that's gonna get you those conversions. I can't talk about ads on the backend but looking at your site, here's my thoughts. 


At bare minimum you need:

- A logo. Debut theme can be made to work, but you need to make it look like a legitimate brand. You need a logo, unique font, and an eye-pleasing color palette (I recommend 2 main tones along with black and white). 

- High quality images. I'm not just talking watch faces. You need people, and smiles, and visual portrayals of lifestyle. Afterall, people don't wear watches to tell the time. They're statement pieces. 

- A great story. You already have one, but the site design, content, tone of voice, none of it reflects the story of 1963. You're diving into history, and it's rich with inventors, collectors, people of power. You need to find a way to tie your story into your brand.

- Compelling product descriptions. You already have video, which is amazing. But basic product features don't cut it. The sale happens on the product page, so it needs to be optimized to convert. Every watch has a story and you need to tell it. You need to state the benefits and how owning these historical timepieces can impact the buyers life. You need to trigger emotion, create the desire then lead them by the hand to take action and buy. A good copywriter should be able to write descriptions like this for you. 


Remember, competing on price doesn't work anymore. It's an outdated sales method and is on its deathbed. You need to stand out from the competition by being radically different. What's your unique selling proposition? I think you already have one, but you need to make it clear to the world! 

I have experience selling jewelry and accessories, and like most products, it CAN be sold. You just need to position yourself as the right fit for the right audience. Hope this helps! 

P.S Try directing your paid ads to a specific product. Too much choice can cripple people.

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