Supplements on Shopify Payments - Allowed?

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I plan to sell a supplement, and so far I am set up with Shopify payments.

I don't want to run the store aggressively with Shopify Payments because I am afraid they will shut it down.

I have, however, asked them many times if its OK and they seem pretty relaxed about it.

Does anyone know where I can get more data on this?  If they are fine with it, I might just keep them.

If they are certainly not cool with it, I will try to use a different merchant account.


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We sell Nootropics / Supplements and got struck off when we sold a bottle of CBD but they won't re-instate us on Stripe or Paypal even though we haven't sold it for over a year they consider us Pseudo Pharmaceutical.  It's very frustrating and been a nightmare trying to set up other payment platforms.  There are lot of people who use it for supplements so long as you don't over step the line you should be fine.