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Hi Shopify Family!


My name is Charles and I am from RangeMe! RangeMe is the industry standard for product discovery/sourcing online.


You can think of us as a trade show, but online and accessible 24/7 from your computer.




RangeMe is trusted and actively used by almost every major Grocery Store, Beauty Store, Pet Store, Toy Store, Hotel, Airline, and more. Basically if you sell consumer goods on your Shopify store then RangeMe is for you.


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- RangeMe is always 100% free to buyers and retailers
- The platform currently has over 220,000+ manufacturers and 740,000+ products
- Select your category(s) and request any free samples!
Retailers! If you are interested in a free business account, feel free to Reply with your Shopify store and I will send you your free access if you fit the the criteria to be part of our closed B2B platform. 
Suppliers! If you are a product/ brand interested in Wholesale, then I can get you signed up on the Supplier side of RangeMe.
Thank you!
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Hi Charles,

I have signed up on but the difficult part is that I have to list products one by one & I have more than 4k product with more than 30k variants, so it is impossible to list products manually and add variants, moreover the inventory is also not synced. My point is that, is there any way to integrate my shopify store with and sync orders, inventory & products.

Thank you