Support Issues

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I have used Shopify for a few years.  I FINALLY got though to support yesterday after trying all day.  They made changes to my inventory and location and now I cannot sell any items and most of the day my website showed all items sold out.    This is the third time I have had this issue with transferring inventory to a new location.   I have tried all day to contact the person who tried to help yesterday and every person I may have an email from - no response.  She assured me she would get it right.  When I log on to Shopify Support and initiate a new chat, I am thrown over to "Search". Basically my store is dead in the water.  Is anyone else having issues with Support.  It's terrible that we can't call anymore, it used to be so great. I have my best event of the year starting tomorrow and I cannot sell nor can I get any response from Shopify.