Suspended google Merchant account fo Misrepresentation of self or product (Untrustworthy promotions)

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My site is

I received notification about being suspended from google after using the Shopify app to upload all of my products using the product feed to sync my shopify product with google merchant center. It google merchant center it flagged every single one of my products and a generic violation of google policy.

After requesting a manual review and speaking to many google reps, they all just copy and paste the same generic policy violation text back at me and dont provide any details about why this might have happened. It's very clear that they will not help resolve the issue.

With that said, I'm using the FREE minimal template and have properly filled out every category with a proper barcode, sku, description, price, cost, quanity, pictures and title. I don't fill out the customs information since i only ship within the US. I'm not even sure if google suspended my account for product violation or something they didnt like on my website. What's funny is all my product gets approved for FREE listings but not for paid listings on google merchant. I've tired manually loading product and within 1-2 minutes it automatically gets disapproved.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated!!

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You are not alone.

google don’t care and you probably won’t get the reason why. You can try and resubmit if you think your store is ok.

We tried 2 months and at the end didn’t bothered anymore. Funny thing, we deliver products to stores that are eligible for Merchant account. Last thing is to sue them for blocking a market. 


Iam sorry Iam not a help here 

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While you may have policy requirement issues, one of the main issues is trust related. For example you have no reviews that Google has collected:

Google requires a track record of order fullfilment.


I recommend having a look at the following policies:


The most common issues are:

  1. Not adding full contact details page linked from the footer (email, phone number, address, contact form):

  2. Not having a valid checkout:

  3. Not having returns and refund, delivery, privacy policy and terms of service pages

  4. Selling products that are not allowed:

  5. Selling products that are not stocked:

  6. Not adding any added content, and simply copy-pasting other sites

  7. Having multiple websites in the same niche

  8. Not being honest with what you sell or how you portray the business

  9. Having a low trust factor or no track record of order fullfilment

You can ask Google for specific examples of policy violation. To do so ask here and check the box, I need more info


Hope this helps.


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