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I have a two Shopify stores and want to synch inventory.

Does anybody have recommendations for a good app for this?

Would like real time synching. My project involves a bricks and mortar store which wil share inventory, its POS system can point at its Shopify store and keep inventory correct, but I want a second Shopify store to also have up-to-date inventory.


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You will need to decide what will be the master data source for your inventory levels. Is your POS system the main source at present whereby you import your Shopify orders into it and then update latest inventory into Shopify? If it is the other way around you can connect another Shopify store to your first one but would need to import orders from the second one to keep track of inventory.

You could try using an app like Zapier to set different data flows between stores:

We specialise in connecting multiple Shopify stores and building custom data flows if our standard flow doesn't work. My main concern in your scenario is how the POS system gets their inventory levels or sends orders through. An example setup we have done is:

  • Shopify store 1 orders > Channelup > ERP (this ERP also has POS for multiple outlets)
  • Shopify store 2 orders > Channelup > ERP
  • ERP Inventory > Channelup > Shopify store 1 and 2

In the above the user creates all products in Channelup so they can automatically be pushed to both stores and ERP so there is no need to create separate products in all systems.



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Hi @nzogaz 

We have a list of 32 Shopify inventory management apps, which includes some apps that help inventory syncing. Kindly take a look at it and decide which app suits your needs. Hope it'll help!

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