Syncing Stock between 2 + products with same SKU's - Bundled Products

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I want to create bundles in my store but I want to sync the stock between them all.


For example, I have the following bundles


Pink, White, Blue           Pink, White, Purple         White, Blue, Purple


So if I sell bundle 1, it then needs to take the stock for 2 items from the 2nd bundle and 2 from the 3rd ( hope that makes sense) which I assume the best way it to SYNC via SKU.


Does anyone know how to do this? Is there an App?


I see lots of inventory sync apps but for multi channels, not just for the one website. Our bundled products are made up as they come up, first come first served dependant on what sold.


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Hey, we use with some merchants this app, that you might like to have a look at:

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@StephhrevTrunk can do this and even though it's a multi-channel tool, it can work within just one Shopify store and do bundling/kitting for you. It also works by SKU just like you said. You can learn more about the bundling/kitting feature here:


Here's the Shopify App Store listing


Feel free to ask any questions or head over to our website and live chat with us!

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To sync stock between multiple products having the same SKU, you can use the Duplicate SKU Sync app. It costs $5 per month and gets the job done.