Tag Conditions to add products to collections broken?

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It seem that in creating collections you can only have "Product Tag is equal to"


The system will not allow another condition of "Product Tag is not equal to"


Let's say I have Green Apples tagged as such and another product tag that is "Disabled Items"


Why can't I create a collection of


Green Apples, but not if Green Apples has a tag of "Disabled Items"


We have a lot of products, that from time to time we want to exclude from some Collections. It seems the conditional logic in Shopify is broken. How to fix?





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Smart collections use inclusive logic - not exclusive. Even though you might want to have an exclusive rule, how you're seeing it is as intended. There's no bug.


Consider how you might approach this in the inclusive way. For example, perhaps the items you want to show have an "enabled" tag and those you don't want to include don't. Your collection setup would then be looking for "green apples" and "enabled".

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That seems to be a strange way of "by design". No way to AND/NAND & OR/NOR - basic programming uses these functions and they are there in the drop down box but not implemeted. Seems a bit of unfinished business.