Tag system on orders needs some improvements: Timeline show tag history. Tag search filter better.

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The tag system on orders needs some improvement:

1) The timeline in an order doesn't show any information about the change in tags. We use tags heavily, so we may sometimes need to audit how the tags changed, like:

* John added the VIP tag.  * Jane removed these tags: VIP, FedEx. * The app OrderTagger added these tags: Special Order, VIP.

That way we can trace how the tags changed in history through the timeline.

2) The search page for orders doesn't have any advanced filtering for tags. It's a very simple text-box only, where I can only input the text of one tag only. I want an advanced tag filtering criteria system where I would be able to:

* Filter by multiple tags, both in AND logic and in OR logic.

* Filter for orders that don't contain a tag.

* Be able to select from available tags in the filter box, instead of always having to type it in. (But do keep the ability to type, as it's sometimes useful for partial match.)

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Totally agree - is it possible at all to get additional information onto the timeline? Anyone aware of workarounds to e.g. get updates (create/modify or update/delete) of customer tags on the timeline?