Tax override not working

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Store in Ontario Canada.  We charge HST 13% on everything but Books (GST only 5%).

I added our tax account number

I created a manual collection (GST Only) and added a few of our books to it.(They are also in out "Books and Magazines" Collection(Auto))

I then created a Tax exemption for Canada for for the manual collection, put 5%  and saved it - all by the book per the instructions

I then "purchased" one of the books in that collection - at check out it applied the full 13% tax not the 5% tax.

Is this functionality broken? Did I do something wrong or is this function not available to the basic Shopify level?

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I have the exact same problem!

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I am wanting to do the same - followed the instructions here to the same result as you. GST and PST are still being applied. The Tax Override is not being used.

My Setup;

  • New Manual Collection called GST Only
  • Added products to the GST Only Collection
  • Added a Tax Override for my Canadian Tax Region using the GST Only Collection with a rate of 5%
  • Add said product to cart, proceed to checkout, ensuring I enter my address per the Tax Region the Override is set in, and BAM 12% tax (GST + PST).

Appears that Tax Overrides are not working. 

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I solved this problem by adjusting the Tax Override Rate.

In my case I wanted some products to be PST exempt. Instead of setting the tax rate to 5%, I set it to 0% and it's now only applying GST. 

I don't understand the logic, but try using 0%.

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I hope this will help someone:

When I set up my store in Dec. 2020, I created tax overrides for my automated Book collection.  HST provinces at 5%, PST/RST provinces at 0%.  It worked well, until this month (Jan. 2021), when it was completely wiped out.  No warning.  Customers were now being charged the full tax.

I have tried recreating the tax override for the Book collection, but the system will not allow me to do a tax override of any automated collection now.  

So I created a manual collection I called Books-Manual Tax Override.  Went to products and filtered to all my Book collection.  Selected them en masse and added them now to my Book-Manual Tax Override collection as well.  

Then created Tax overrides for each province that has HST or PST or RST:
British Columbia: 0
Manitoba: 0
Saskatchewan: 0
New Brunswick: 5
Newfoundland and Labrador: 5
Nova Scotia: 5
Ontario: 5
Prince Edward Island: 5
Quebec: 5

I tried it out, and it seems to be fine.  Just have to remember that each time I add a product, I add it to the Books-Manual Tax Override collection as well. 

We will soon be selling other items that are also PST exempt.  How fun it will be setting these all up!  

I'm crossing my fingers that my tax overrides will now stay put and are not just wiped out by the system.