Tax setting for an Indian Shopify Store

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Hello Shopify Community


I have a store for Indian eCommerce. as per the Indian tax system, we have GST on products and it has four slabs. 5 % 12 % 18 % 28 % .

I have a general store so many different products have different tax percentages.

I want to apply that please help me how I can I do it?

I think we can do it by tax override on collection but in that section, the different collection is not showing to select from. One collection is available "HOME PAGE"  whereas my store has 4 different collections already and all of them have products but in Tax, override sections it is not showing. (screenshot attached)



Please guide me to the solution.





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Is all of your products are visible on the store? Can you provide your Shopify store link here so that I can see if the collections are not hidden.

Try to create another collection and check the tax override. 


Hope this helps