Technical Checkout Question: How to keep an order pending UNTIL a file is uploaded?

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Hey Guys,

Here's my problem. I am opening a print on demand store where a customer uploads and image, we modify the image, then have it printed/framed. 

The problem is with checkout. I want the customer to be able to checkout and pay for a product (many of our sales are impulse purchases), but allow them to upload the image later after payment is completed. 

Currently they are asked to upload the file during checkout. This means they have to stop the checkout process to find a camera, find their pet, take a picture, etc. Very cumbersome. 

My ideal situation is they complete the order payment. They receive an email telling them to upload their image. They upload to their order (in other words the file is attached to their order). Then we receive notification the upload is complete and we process the order like normal. 

TLDR: How to enable a customer to upload a file to their order AFTER they've completed checkout.

Any ideas of how to do something like this?