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Up until recently, my business partner and I have loved using the Shopify platform. My partner and I come from a background of eCom and Fashion, launching a company together via Shopify a few months ago. But just when all is going well, sales growing and buzz trending, Shopify's "Risk" team hit our shop with a "HOLD", shutting down our website (without any notifications, emails, dashboard messages, etc) and withholding all payments from our customers. Now unless this has happened to you, it probably doesn't mean anything YET, but it will so keep reading, and seriously consider about moving to a new platform other than Shopify before they do the same.


So we started digging deeper into the issue and what this "hold" meant. We emailed and called Shopify's customer support "Gurus" to learn more. Apparently there is a False/Positive issue going around with Shopify where their Risk team can flag any store, falsely accusing a store as high risk, and making them having to pay more per month. Shopify told us we couldn't use their standard Shopify Payments Gateway (which comes with your membership), and instead that we must transfer to another provider, allowing Shopify to still earn the 2% per transaction, and making us, the business owners, having to pay more since we must now use another payment provider to accept credit cards for our customers during checkout.


Furthermore, researching on Google and Shopify's community forum, this has happened A LOT to new and growing businesses on Shopify. They flag a business, which according to their Terms of Service, are high risk. But if you actually read Shopify's TOS, these "high risk" businesses are classified as super shady shops, often selling harmful or illegal products. But that wasn't the case for us. We are a fashion brand selling clothing. My partner and i have spent time building ecom and fashion businesses, most recently Jet.com and other companies in New York City. Our company abides to all rules, legalities, state filings, business requirements, etc, which yours probably does to, but beware that Shopify may randomly send you a message telling you your shop is High Risk as well.


What is unfortunate is this terrible customer experience from Shopify and it’s Gurus. It is enough to make us move platforms, and unfortunate for Shopify as they lose yet another customer.

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I do not know your case here so hard to comment, but from what you writing it seems very special and not acceptable. I guess you should have some warnings and explaining from Shopify as they can not just shut down peoples hard work if that is the case here.

Anyway it would be good if Shopify come on and clear out this terms for others to know.

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Similar has happened on one of our shopify stores.  They are asking for authorisation from two ip holders of products we sell.  We buy through an authorised wholesaler so the ip holders won't supply us with docs (as we don't deal with them directly).  They won't accept invoices outlining the supply source along with documents that show the wholesaler is authorised.  They have had no ip complaint, there are loads of brands on this site and they have picked on two that they've heard of without justification of any sort.