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Yea I agree this just happened to me as well. What’s another good platform you guys recommend? Also if you need any petitioners for your law suit you can email me here. WyzeEnterprises@gmail.com

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This happened to me as well. Not only did shopify hold my payments. They deleted my store and refunded over 12 thousand dollars in purchases. This resulted in complete devastation as I had already shipped the product. Furthermore, they then took thousands of dollars out of my checking and I had to report them to my bank as fraudulent charges. All of this happened after I had been a loyal shopify customer for nearly 5 years!!!!! Never had an issue before. Their customer service is non existent and they refuse to give me an answer as to why this happened. I'm not sure if my business will ever recover. 

To anyone reading this....run!!!! Rum far far away from these shopify crooks. Take your business elsewhere. If you become too successful, they will shut you down and ruin your business. Shopify is a **bleep** scam dressed up to look as a legitimate business. They do a very good job at it, but trust me and everyone else in this forum. If you succeed, they will shut you down and steal your money.