Terrible company, Feels like a scam, anyone now a better commerce sight?

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Shopify has been holding my deposits since May 26, 2020. When I reached out in May they put me on a callback wait list which I never received a call from. So I switched to my Etsy in the meantime. Now that I've gotten back into my Shopify the sales are rolling through and I'm getting excited for these deposits but oh yea, Shopify has locked my account and put my funds on HOLD! I've been in communication with them since October and it is now nearing the end of November. I STILL DO NOT HAVE MY FUNDS. Shopify is such a scam with pretty terrible customer service. I'm ready to leave this company and never come back. It is seriously ridiculous that there is no one on a phone anywhere to speed up this process, the one time I actually did get someone on the phone they talked to me as if it was my fault, like I input my bank info incorrectly, when I ensured them that I did not because ive spent the past month re-inputting that information carefully desperately trying to receive my money! on top of it they still are charging me each month for my site. Its interesting how yall can take money out but not put money in. I am very disappointed in the inconsistency customer service. I wish there was more transparency with what's happening instead of all this " I know how frustrating this can be, and here at Shopify it is our duty to make sure you are satisfied, we want to solve this issue and thank you for patience" nonsense. I never knew someone could send a 3 paragraph email in response to a 1 sentence question, and in that email, never state what to do or any troubleshooting tips or any actual helpful information. So I repeat, THE WORST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE, I can't wait to leave this site, if I ever get my money back.