Testimonial section cannot scroll

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Hi there,

My homepage has a section for testimonial, it is supposed to swipe and go through more than 3 testimonials. However, when I entered more than 3 and tried to swipe, nothing happens. In the mobile version, 1 testimonial is displayed but same issue - cannot swipe. Any idea how I can make it work? 

I tried using the solution here to change the theme.js but it didn't work. https://community.shopify.com/c/Shopify-Design/Debut-Auto-scroll-testimonials/td-p/766960/page/2

I also noticed besides my homepage such as this one, right under the newsletter subcription section, there is a 'powered by...' (see screenshot below). I can't seen to find where in the code I can remove this line. No reply from the vendor. How can I remove this? 

Website here (PW: jieffa)

Thanks in advance!