The 100 Day Challenge - ECommerce Style

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Hello everyone.

Welcome to the "100 DAY CHALLENGE".

I challenged someone I care about to a 100 day challenge.  Imagine you know very little about e-commerce.  It's not particularly a complex business compared to many others but what if you planned to learn everything you could about it in 100 days?

Well that is the challenge.  And the person I challenged is my wife.  We live in different countries due to federal immigration policy and pandemic issues even though we are married (legitimately).  Our idea was to create remote income so no matter what any government policy may be at the moment, we can be together as a family.   But instead of complaining, we are going to use this time to learn everything about e-commerce.  There is zero intention to compete with you.  In fact nothing could be further from the truth.  As a couple who are both accountants with bachelors degrees, the idea is to see if there are ideas we can find at the end of this challenge to help store owners. 

There will be no sales pitches.  No sales funnels.  None of that stuff.  We think there may be struggles many store owners have particularly related to tracking orders, managing cash flow, pricing products, etc.  And perhaps if we become educated enough, we can help with those things.  But there will be ZERO sales pitches.  We simply want to learn how things function.  What happens when someone orders something?  How is a payment processed?  How is shipping tracked?  What happens if something breaks or is stolen?  How does advertising work?  Can an advertising campaign be tracked to a particular advertisement?  The idea is simply to learn.  If one topic is uncomfortable for you, that's ok, there are 20 other topics.  Anything sensitive can be avoided easily.  

I am simply curious if anyone who is a successful store owner is willing to take 10-15 minutes to talk about one specific area of their business with someone who is attempting to get a good perspective on how e-commerce businesses function.  If you are willing to take a few minutes to talk to someone who at first, may not even know the right questions to ask, then you may have a friend in 100 days who knows more than you ever imagined.

At least that is the general concept.  If you own a successful e-commerce store and you are willing to participate in the 100 day challenge. it would be wonderful to speak with you.  While this idea is just launching, hopefully there can be some social media recognition to show appreciation for your participation.  The idea to bring recognition to those who participate is still being developed.  And given you will be talking to a highly trained accountant, you will be welcome to ask as many questions as you answer.  And when the answer is known, it will be shared with you without hesitation.  It's a win-win for everyone.

If you have a successful profitable e-commerce store, I'd love to put you in touch with the star of this 100 Day Challenge.  What do you have to lose?  10-15 minutes of your time?  

How cool would it be if you would be one of the people to participate in the 100 Day Challenge?