The BEST Shopify Apps!


Thanks, @lokox! That's really great to hear. :)

While we don't have a free version (aside from the 10-day trial), one of the major benefits of Shogun Page Builder is that charges only occur for the months that the app is installed. Once your pages are built, you can simply uninstall the app!  

You keep all your pages and changes, even after you uninstall. They stay with your store as live pages, served up as pure HTML. Simply reinstall Shogun if you want to come back and edit them using our editor. :)

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That's great Jill, Thank you for the information.


What about Marketing Apps, add YOUR suggestions to this epic list!

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Hey Lokox!

At you can try Flashchat app. Go to a product, get your discount and add the item to your cart. Then you will see the magic happening!

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Can I shimmy in and recommend our own app? Here it is.

It's not so much of an app but a way to get instantly connected to a fulfillment center who can outsource your orders and hopefully make your life as a small business owner a little bit eaiser. 

Here are some fun facts about ShipMonk, if you're interested in getting our app:

  • We're located in Florida and California, and we've been in business for almost five years.
  • We focus on small to medium sized business, and we're currently processing around 10,000 daily orders.
  • Most of the products we work with are on the smaller end of the spectrum, so things like t-shirts, jewelry, books, and accessories.

And here's how the app works:

  1. You sign up.
  2. You're connected to a sales rep or Happiness Engineer who is able to walk you through the next steps.

Another great app that I've recommended before is ReCharge, which allows you to set up recurring billing for your customers. eCommerce is definitely expanding more towards that route, so if you sell things like beauty or hygiene products especially, this is an indispensable tool to have. 

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This list is getting really nice.

Any more additions guys?


My best app is Ecomfit.

It is an analytics and marketing automation tool for Ecommerce stores. Especially, Ecomfit has 2 outstanding features: suggestion and warning, which you cannot find in other analytics tools for Ecommerce sites. 

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There are countless free apps on the Shopify app store. Of course, a store combined many aspects, and each app has a unique purpose and feature to bolster one of those fields. I can divide into some categories and list some notable apps for each:

Sales and promotion

  1. Boost Convert
  2. SiteKit

Store optimization

  1. Happy Email
  2. Referral Candy


  1. Sixads
  2. Retargetapp

Product Sourcing

  1. Oberlo
  2. SPocket

Customer Service

  1. Quick Facebook Chat
  2. Aftership

Among these, Boost Convert and SiteKit are remarkable candidates, as they are free and very easy to set up. The impact is immediate on your store.

If you want to look for more, here is the full list, you can check them out: 24 Best Shopify Apps to Boost Traffic and Sales (Most are FREE)

Good luck with sales!

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CJdropshipping is a good platform,which is a mature system.

@lokox wrote:

As a complete newbie to Shopify,

I'd like to know your opinions about which Apps are great, and why.


Name your list of MUST HAVE Apps on Shopify!


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As I researched and helped my Shopify clients to enable growth over the last two years, the below apps which I found very useful and helped me to guide my clients well to achieve their goals.



Marketing the most primary activity that you should keep on practicing on a regular basis to put your store on the upfront in this competitive market. Klaviyo will help you to automate your marketing campaigns and reach out to your audience. This app is built specifically for e-commerce, not also built for other businesses.


Plug in SEO

This app is giving more visibility to the store in search engines. With this app, users can get accurate results that match their search preferences. It works like a personal SEO manager for your store and advises you the measures to improve SEO rankings.


Omega Instant Search

This app helps to convert store visitors into actual customers. Autocomplete, Spell correction, Custom filters, Storewide search are some of the best and unmatched features of this app.


Upsell with AI recommendations

This app suggests similar looking products from the store catalog to the customers, helping to boost sales & conversions. It identifies and pushes the higher priced similar products as recommendations. This app is being performed way better than the other apps available in its category by boosting revenues of its customers by more than 20%.



Fomo creates attraction to the visitors to buy the product which they are currently looking at by showing live traffic counts, Messages like “ 23 people bought this product” etc.


You can try these apps. Good luck!

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I have been using a great app called ProductPro to source my products. ProductPro works with US based suppliers that they vet for quality and shipping times. My customers are very happy with the quality of the products they have received and the shipping times (2-3 days) they have experienced. I'll drop a link down below. Hope this helps!