The Most Amazing Video Ad Creation Company!

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Hey Everyone
Recently, I have received such amazing service from this particular company that I feel obliged to spread the word as my part of giving back to the community.
I have been working with a specific ecom video creation company for many months now and they have produced some of the most unbelievable ads I have ever seen. Unlike the scammy drop-servicing video ad companies, this one actually has a team that works round the clock. They also don't use a copy and paste funnel to take orders. They have a website which allows you to order and keep in touch with staff about your order.
I am sure you guys are fed up with all the ad services these days, but I can 100% tell you they are a different breed.
If any of you are interested in this company, don't hesitate to send me a dm on insta or facebook (insta: kristianrusse_ll  Facebook: Kristian Russell). If you don't want to message me there just reply to this feed and I can give you a 10% off coupon that they have given me due to the amount of orders I've placed with them. If you want examples of the ads they make I can also send you some of those too.
Thanks for reading!