The Way My Website Shows up in Bing. HELP!

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Hi guys,

My site is https://chokerlace and I have submitted to search engines to be indexed. I was looking in Bing today to see if it has showed up yet. When I typed "chokerlace" in the search bar, it did bring my site up which I'm guessing was indexed but then in the meta description section it reads "Enter Store using Password: Enter Store using Password: This Store will be powered by shopify." I did remove the password from my site and updated my meta desciption content. Why is is showing up that was in the serach engines? Please help me!

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Hi, Flaure!

I’m Melissa, a Shopify Guru. Thanks for posting!

In a case like this when a password page had been taken down and the site is now live, the search engine may not be aware of this and might not have crawled the site recently. 

After making any changes to the site such as meta descriptions,  removing pages, passwords etc you'll want to resubmit your sitemap so that the search engine can crawl your results. Below you will find some more information on how to go about getting all of that resubmitted:

Once that is done, it can take some time for the correct meta description to show, this can vary depending on when it is crawled again and the search engine itself. 

Hope this information helps! You can reach out to the Guru team if you have any questions.

Have a great day!

Melissa | Shopify Guru

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As a heads up, for Google, you can also manually submit your URL via the search console. Far simpler and faster as a process. Check the screenshot on how to do so.

Hope this helps - Web Push Notifications for E-Commerce, Bloggers and More