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Hello everyone, 

I have a question about theme in shopify. 
my web designer created a new website in photoshop so we have the PSD.  We talked to 2 good web coder and one of them tell me that we need to start the website on a new theme from scratch.... and the second tell us that we need to start from a premium theme to avoid any kind of problem related to future app updates.... 


we don’t have a pro shopify coder in our team business so  it’s need to be a one time job we don’t want any kind of problems in a close future... 


can someone tell me what is better? From scratch everything OR code on a premium theme the new design? 

thank you so much for you time


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Hello trystan,

Both process are good.

1) Developing a theme from scratch means everything a/to your design ( PSD)

2) Using premium  theme means you have to compromise with design and have to customize the theme a/to the design you have.

btw there is no concern of the app's update with the theme.


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