There IS tracking available for letters and flats! And it's only .32 cents a piece!

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I can’t believe something like this exists, but it does. It’s too good to be true. I found a service that actually provides tracking results for letters and large, flats (large envelopes) for only .32 cents a piece. It is called (I am in no way affiliated with them even though I sound like a commercial!) I can now mail prayer cards, decals and small medals in envelopes and the LetterTrackPro service will send the customer an email at each Postal scan along the route. I had a lot of problems with customers claiming they did not receive their items and I had no tracking info so I had to refund them. I believe I had a lot of customers taking advantage because of this. I believe this new method will DETER the vast majority of those people. If you want to see what the tracking results look like, here’s an example:

Also, Shopify does not allow me to print out a label for a letter or a flat so I just go to LetterTrackPro and print my label out there.  I mark my Shopify order as "fulfilled" and then I put the lettertrackpro tracking link into Shopify.  

It doesn’t show that the envelope was actually delivered but it does show what day it was scanned at the destination Post Office. Also, if customers are receiving frequent emails detailing the progress of their delivery, including the “estimated date of delivery”, they are less likely to overlook it as junk mail or claim it was not received. I’ve only been using this for 10 days now but I felt I had to let other people know because a lot of sellers are having the same problems I’ve been having.