This Address could not me verified - Local pickup and stock availability features won't work.

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It is impossible to enter a verified address for my store even though the store is registered and working correctly in google maps.

I will preface this issue with the fact that the store is located in Indonesia. 
I have tried multiple combinations including caps etc I even use the auto-suggestion powered by google.

Jl. Merta Sari No.149a,
Badung, Bali 80361

I have just signed up to to see if I can get a registered address on there.
It turns out there's no registered option for my address, all suggestions are other streets that are similar spelling eg Mertasari, not Merta Sari. Even those addresses are only verified down to the thoroughfare level. This means even other addresses arent fully verified down to an exact location.

This wouldn't be a big issue if it wasn't for 2 important features that rely on having a verified address.

  1. Pickup availability
  2. Local delivery (Radius)

We are about to open our 2nd store (Location) it will be important for customers to check stock availably for local pickup. We are using the latest build of Debut theme, but the pickup availability feature only works with a verified address.

The local delivery feature is great, but again we cant set a radius. Using postcodes isn't a good solution because one postcode covers too large of an area. 

After googling the address issue it looks like other customers in countries with a non-standard address system also have this issue. 

If it's possible to have a GPS accurate and verified location on google maps why can't we have the option to use that data if other address verification fails.




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Hello Sam,

We recently created a Shopify App which is doing some things what you want.

This app allows you to display per location inventory on product pages. Also you can display your opereation hours with that.

We have a free plan take a look into it.

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Hi! my inventory info app has a geolocation feature which will allow you to limit the locations based on distance to the store.


try it out for free, and contact us on the live chat for help