This very weird FB Pixel issue I try to solve since weeks now.

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Hey folks,

as I said, something is seriously wrong with my FB Pixel on my Shopify store and I am desperate for help. Let me give you a quick recap of my wild ride so far.

I set up my Shopify store (moved from WooCommerce to get better Support as I am a noob). Everything worked fine, I installed that new FB Channel App to set up my FB and Instashopping, and the Pixel of course. I went by the book and followed every step on the way.

Started my first campaign and realized that my Pixel didn't fire once, even though I had a lot of page visits. So I started to test it with the Pixel Helper and the Test in Event Manager (FB Manager side of things) and after a while I realized no events fire on Chrome or mobile, but it works on Firefox.

Contacted Shopify Support, they gave me the top 5 google searches and then told me its a FB issue.

Contacted FB Support and they told me its a Shopify issue.

Back to Shopify - they said it works when they use the native theme on my store, so it should be the theme (I use Parallax, its one of the Shopify store themes, expensive but allegedly more robust and well supported)

Theme Support told me to ask an expert (costs money ofc), so I told them thats really not cool and now they took a look at it and still have no clue. They did the same the Shopify guys did with the native theme, but still no pixel.

Here I am, every support told me to ask another support pretty much f****ed since this is the hot sales season. Oh and since I reinstalled the FB Channel App, my Instagram Shopping doesn't work either - so thats the icing on the cake I guess.

tldr: Pixel isn't in my code but somehow it is - works with Firefox but not on Chrome or mobile etc. Support let me down multiple times.

Stay safe

Cheers from Germany