Three SEO tips for Shopify and Etsy sellers

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I've decided to share tips that I've learned from supporting various Etsy sellers that also sell on Shopify.
Your goal as an Etsy seller is to appear on Etsy search, the more listings you have the more likely your listings will come up when a customer is searching for your product.

Here are the tips:
1.Etsy listing title - Etsy title length is 140 characters. Make sure you are using the full 140 characters , provide a detailed description of your item.

2.Create more listings with less variations - let's take for example a shirt with 3 colors: red, blue, green  and 3 sizes: small, medium, large. It's best to create three listings for each color e.g. green shirt, red shirt, blue shirt,  so if a customer will look for a green shirt your listing will appear in the search.

3.Listings on sale - if you are planning to provide discounts/sales. create a new sale category on Shopify, replicate your sale listings under that category.  Remember that you want your users to have easy access to your sale listings for higher conversion.

If you are familiar with more SEO that can help Etsy and Shopify sellers feel free to share.

Hope that helps:-)

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Hi @Shirly_Leibo 

Thanks for your sharing. I believe it will help a lot of Shopify and Etsy merchants. In my opinion, Shopify stores always come with SEO-friendliness and some interesting SEO features to follow best practices like customizable title, HT, and meta tags (also known as on-page SEO). Below are some Shopify SEO tips for Shopify merchants to follow:

  • Do keyword research
  • Avoid duplicate content
  • Optimize each page title and meta description
  • Optimize store images
  • Link to your product pages from your homepage
  • Integrate your store with Google Analytics
  • Use Shopify SEO Suite app
  • Build high-quality backlinks to your Shopify store

On the whole, although search engine optimization seems hard and needs a huge amount of time expenditure, it can help you greatly by making your pages easily readable to search engines and humans and boosting the website’s ranking. That’s what all online store owners want to attract large volumes of targeted traffic.

Hope that with these tips, you will have a closer look at what you basically need to start a successful online business!



I'm Jason Dao, Manager of Research & Development Department at Avada Ecommerce.
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Just adding one more important point. Tags also play a wide role in your SEO whether if we talk about Shopify or Etsy. It has been seen if you provide some good tags in your product's information, you will get more impressions and clicks.



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I do have one question about what was told.

While etsy, less variants and more listing are the best option for have a good ranking, is it better the opposite for shopify? like.. more variants, less listing.

in my research google doesn`t like redundancies. But my products variations can behavior in different types of keywords. what`s healthier for shopify/google SEO, more variants per product or more listing?  

I just start with shopify, and long time working with etsy. 


thank you for your time

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Regarding your question - in Etsy and marketplaces in general you better copy (tag, description, title)  from similar successful stores so when customers looking for that product you will come up in the search.
On Shopify it's opposite, you need to brand your store and products.
Ideally you can create both listings for each variation and also add variations to each listing.

The important thing in Shopify is that you need to differentiate your listings and variations from other stores and listings.