Tips for pitching a Celebrity to be face of your brand?

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Hey guys, in short, I'm looking to create a brand based on an influencer's personality, this person is a WWE superstar, think Hulk Hogan level.

I've got the number for his management, how would I pitch this idea? Essentially, I'd be using this person's likeness and wrestler name, to help sell the product and hoping to have them do short-form IG/FB ads, posting it on their social.

I would offer a profit-sharing situation, I assume? 70/30? How would I bring that up?

Do you think the WWE own's the wrestlers name and would also cause a second layer of problems?

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Hi @Gottadoitbig,

Nick here from Shopify. Great questions! 

My advice would be to reach out to them or their management team and find a way to get over and noticed. I would definitely look into what you would be able to work with and not work with based on what they and the WWE have copyrighted on their behalf. If you are selling something on Shopify which you don't have a copyright license for, it will be flagged to our risk team where your store could be taken down. 

You could bring it up and pitch the idea and what you would like to do and see if they are interested before mentioning a % split. 

It is quite likely the WWE owns a lot of the copyright of most of its performers. As a wrestling fan myself, I can't help but be curious to who it is, but if it is someone at the level of Hulk Hogan, I would say it is likely WWE could own the copyright, but until you ask or look it up, we can't say for sure. 

I hope this helps! If you have any more questions or anything Shopify related you would like to know, don't hesitate to ask. 

All the best, Nick

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