To Amazon or Not to Amazon. This is the question?

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My supplements shop has been up and running for a few months now with some small success. I've made about 60 sales but it's simply not enough. I've got an adwords CTR of over 7% yet somehow I'm failing to convert browsers to customers. Looking at my competitors I see that many of them sell on Amzon. I'm currently dropshipping through As far as I can see, if you want to sell on Amazon you need to use them for fulfillment. My question is: would it be worth my time/money to try Amazon and possibly reach more buyers?? Or is there something seriously wrong with my sales funnel/website?? Thoughts?


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Just looking at your site, i click on and then the first 3 products are sold out and you are only selling 4 products in total, that is clearlya barrier to sale right there. Do you have a way of expanding the product range? 

Worth looking at clickfunnels for a supplement funnel, particularly as you have so few products, this is going to give you more success. The issue you have is that you are in a very competetive field and to me personally, no offering me anything difference. Where is the hook to bring me in? You need to be thinking in the squeeze page, offer, upsell funnel mentality for this. 

There are some great resources on the Russell Brunson supplement funnel, he is the godfather of these kinds of funnels, check out content like this and see what you can do and/or takeaway from it:

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Thank you very much for taking the time. Yes, I dropped the ball on re-stocking my products due to a number of factors. Mainly lack of funds to be honest. Also, to expand the product line I need a good chunk of money. I'm in the process of making this happen. I suppose my question was really applicable to when I had stock. The concept of making a key differentiation between my brand and my competitors is on my mind a lot. Just trying to finger out what that is! I'm familiar with ClickFunnels. I'll check it out again and give it a try. Really appreciate the tips!


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Most of your products show as sold out. Why? Big turnoff.

There are many ways to do dropshipping on amazon not just with one fulfillment service. There are many integrated in shopify, and there is other software external to shopify that can also process orders and handle dropshipping etc. I think you need to learn how to be successful in doing what you're doing before you try to just jump to a different ship hoping that it will solve your problems. Figure out how to be successful at selling this stuff, because amazon will just throw more eyeballs on it and a higher conversion rate but not necessarily fix your problems.

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Great post! Thanks for sharing.

Whatever kind of ecommerce business you run, you will probably have to deal with Amazon at some point. More specifically, third party resellers.

Because of the nature of Amazon as a marketplace, if you are a wholesaler and somebody else sells your products, then there's nothing keeping them from selling those products in Amazon. And that can affect you negatively.

Now, it is possible for you to negotiate with Amazon to get them to take such vendors down, but you need to be selling on Amazon to be able to do that in the first place. It’s the chicken and egg problem. And so, unless you have a pure direct to consumer model, know this going forward. Your company does have an inherent vulnerability to being sold on Amazon.

Anyway, blogged more about this here if you need any more info:

Good luck!

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Hi Colm, 

Like mentioned above keeping a large restock and expanding your products will be very important for your business to grow. You want to keep a brand awareness constantly but only can do so if you have stock and can keep users interested. 

One thing you can try out to bring people back to the site is retargeting. This is a way to get those who have browsed your site, but not purchased to give you items a second thought. Social media is a great way to capture your audience and remind them of the great products you offer. 

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You need to do more homework.

You don't have to do fulfillment via Afterall, Amazon has their own fulfillment service.

And, if you don't have the capital to stock your shelves, then you've gotten into the ecommerce game, way too prematurely. BIG mistake. Don't quit your day job.