To Refund or Cancel?

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Due to lack of stock (thank you COVID19) a lot of customers are wanting to cancel some or all of their orders.  I use a filter to view orders consisting of 'Paid', 'Pending', 'Unfulfilled' & 'Partially Fulfilled.  Recently i noticed that when I had done a partial refund the customer then vanished from my view even though the status was unfulfilled.  I had to add a 'Partially Refunded' filter that then brought up a lot more orders which showed as 'Partially Refunded' & 'Partially Fulfilled'.  This has led to a very confusing view and possibly some missed partial orders if we wouldn't have checked through the long list.  So Shopify team can you make some filters not to show certain things.


Also as per the title when a customer cancels and order is it best to do a 'cancel' or a 'refund'?