Tons of traffic but very low sales help!

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We have a family owned nutrition store that we opened about 2 years ago and now we have recently launched our e-commerce business.  We currently receive a lot of traffic almost 100k visits without any real promotion but our sales are very poor. Any suggestions we are open to ALL feedback.

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Hey there,

One immediate fix is to fix your page speed. Your site was pretty slow to load and customers will bounce if a site takes even 3 seconds to load.

Do you know where your traffic is coming from? What really helps is to build a lookalike audience on Facebook consisting of people who have made purchases on your site. This way, you can target similar people who are likely to buy so you can keep increasing sales. You can do it manually or check out Pollen ( and it'll build lookalikes for your automatically. 

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to and I'd be happy to give you more free advice.