Too Many Chargebacks I think I was scammed

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I received a chargeback from a customer last week saying that they didn't receive their order so they wanted a refund. I submitted evidence that the package was still in the mail and getting there in two days (on time nothing was delayed). The next day, I was charged for their order and charged a fee from the bank of $15. That same day, their package arrived on time. I lost all of that money and I am scared that it will happen again. How do I stop these fraud orders. (It was a low risk order too!!)

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Hi @meghanrmcd 

I've written an article that helps you identify orders that might look like fraud.

You can also read Shopify's article on this very subject. 

When a customer requests a refund, you should let them know that you are happy to offer them a refund, but only until the package is returned to you. This can help minimize the chance a customer will open up a chargeback case.

I hope this helps. 

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